Need For Hope

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Anne used to return home from school on time but today she was getting home late in melancholy. Nothing in school or around her could cheer her up. Somehow, Anne felt she needed hope.

Anne, a junior college student, was sitting in the library and finding quiet hours for herself that morning. She felt like being left alone. Gradually, single tears were falling from her eyes. Anne was thinking of her dearly loved brother, who was far away for a business trip. Anne was looking forward to her brother's return.

The summer weather was beautiful. The scenes on the mountains were getting more and more splendid. In the afternoon, everyone else went outside to enjoy the sunshine while Annie had to stay inside to finish all the paperwork. Anne always recalled precious moments with her family members, especially with her closest brother. She remembered that she and her brother were often reading articles and discussing every thoughts and words they had about the articles. Now, Anne stayed home alone, holding in mind her personal emotions. She felt downcast.

Sometimes, it is human to feel downcast. A downhearted person is usually sensitive and languid. It's easy to see that the downcast person has lost so much enthusiasm and energy to work or to do anything one would like. This problem may be mental rather than spiritual. It is fatigued. One is in anguish and his/her mind is full of conflict. In addition, an emotional conflict is also much more tiring than physical stress. This emotional fatigue can easily block effective prayer.

Moreover, an emotionally unstable person is too busy compensating for his/her compulsions, depression, or anxiety that he has no emotional energy left for work and creativity. But when a person feels emotionally secure, one can study better or work longer hours with less fatigue. This was true for Anne who could overcome the downcast hours when she was eager to pray for help.

Indeed, Anne wept but she would be glad to see her brother coming back. Regardless of her closest brother's absence from home, Anne maintained her private devotions. Now, Anne felt secured and inspired when she looked forward to come to the church on Sunday, where she experienced God's everlasting presence. Anne believed that when her countenance is sad and sickly looking, she needed a hope-Hope in God.

Esther L., June 15th, 2001.