Coming Back to Fatherís Home

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Rita couldnít orient her mind properly until she sank beneath the waves of discouragement, failures and despair. Rita found herself dying in the lonely place. But Rita was finally rescued by her Father who gave her His whole life.

Rita was the senior student at a Christian college. She was often regarded as one of the best students in school. As a result, Rita became proud of herself. She gradually started neglecting her Fatherís teachings. Even worse, she didnít care for Sunday afternoon reading or prayer.

On the days of darkness, Rita reminded herself of her stubbornness with her weakness, faults and ignorance. In unexpected moments, Rita was confronted by her spiritual struggle. A sense of failure made Rita feel shadowy and shabby in her self-centered life. For a moment, she found her heart cold and hardened to her Father.

One spring night, in a strange dream, Rita was awakened. The substance of the dream was: ďOnly Godís love can warm your cold heart and set it on fire with delight in God and in serving and obeying HimĒ. Rita arose and went forward alone and longed to know how much she was forgiven.

Then came a flash of hope across Rita which literally made her breathless. Rita lifted her heart to the Cross on which Jesus, the begotten Son of God died for her sins. She felt that her small soul, venturing for the first time into the way of loving God, could be satisfied. Her heartís deep cry was to God, her Father who always loves her and forgives her. Rita was very happy at last since she began to walk with her Father, leaning humbly on His everlasting arm.

Little by little, Rita recognized that her Father must have been teaching her. He Himself gave Rita a new desire to walk on the right path, created by the Spirit. Rita longed for the unveiling of her true self at the resurrection of Jesus. She offered her heart to Him. Indeed, Rita was coming back to her Fatherís home with Hope in Jesus.

Dear friends! Have there been any moments when you walked on your own self-centered path? Has your heart been bowed in shame and tears? Be awakened with the new song of Easter ringing in your heart and the risen life of Jesus may light the path of your life. If you would like to know more about Jesus, please click here.

Esther L., Easter 2002

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