A Reason for Hope

First Father's Day without Him

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As Sam sat on the bench in the shopping mall, he observed people walking, chatting, and browsing gifts for their fathers. Some knew exactly what to buy for their fathers. Some children were busy picking a gift for themselves while their mothers chose a gift for their fathers on their behalf.

Sam was recalling many memories that he and his father did together. Sam remembered the day his father taught him to ride a bicycle, to play football... Sam recalled times when his father was disappointed with him. His father was proud when Sam was baptized and graduated from high school.

Every year, Sam honored his father for raising, protecting, and guiding him since his first cry as a baby. Sam always made plans to spend time doing something special with his father on the Father's Day. However, this year he honored his father without his father being there with him. Since September 11, 2001, his father and other fathers had not come home. His mother told Sam that his father is with the Heavenly Father now.

It's difficult for Sam and some of us to honor our fathers on this Father's Day when they are absent. We treasure the moments with our fathers. Their love and sacrifice will always be remembered. Although we feel lonely and sad without our father this year, there is good news for us -- we are not alone because God, our Heavenly Father, is with us.

Our Heavenly Father is always here with us (24 hours per day, 7 days per week). His love and sacrifice are far more than we could imagine or deserve. He sent Jesus, His son, to the world to save us. Jesus knew what it is like to be human. He understood our feelings of loneliness and sadness. To know more about God, please click here.

June 16, 2002

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