The Need of Forgiveness

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When one looks back upon the circumstances in life, one always thinks of the need of forgiveness.

A young man lay seriously wounded in the hospital. His father was sent for. The doctor said to him, "Your son will not last long". Without heavy heart the father said to his son, "You may go at any time!". "But..." pleaded the son, "I cannot die; I must not die; I am not ready to die". "Father, explain it to me now how all my sins have been forgiven before my death", implored the son.

At once, an incident in the school life of the son came to the grief-stricken father. "Son, do you remember when you were expelled from school?", "How I rebuked you for the wrong you had done", "And how you abused me with harsh words", "Do you recall how, later, you came in great sorrow and begged my forgiveness? "Do you recall how freely I forgave you?", asked the father. "Yes", replied the son. "Son, did you doubt that I would freely and fully forgave you?" "No, Father, I knew that you forgave me from your great loving heart!"

My friends, the father's love for the son is so great. However, the greatness of the father's love in the story is not seen so much as in what Jesus Christ did for you and me. Jesus Christ not only forgives and blots out our past sins, but makes us His sons as well. Jesus shed his blood on the cross for your sin and mine. Jesus' death is enough. He rose again so we can all be set free. No sin is more powerful than His forgiveness. And no hurt can outlast His love.

Friends! here is an opportunity for you. It is the only way for you to enjoy an eternal life. You have to come to God confessing your sin against Him. Jesus Christ alone can save and keep you. Then you will experience the need of forgiveness.

Esther L.
Oct 26th, 2000.

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