Life Goes On

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Sarah always remembered herself in the years that had gone by as lonely, sad, and thoughtful. Sarah used to think that a mad craving for knowledge would rescue her from the feelings of loneliness. She often occupied herself with reading, writing, and doing what she found enthralling. Yet, Sarah couldn't overcome her loneliness until she met Katherine.

It was a beautiful day in the beginning of autumn. Sarah felt as a stranger at the new college on the first day of the semester. As she was waiting to outside the class room, there was Katherine sitting outside the class room and reading the Bible. When she passed by Katherine, Katherine greeted her with a friendly smile. From that moment, they became good friends. Katherine helped Sarah to discover her new life-a life outside the classroom. She introduced Sarah to her friends at church on Sunday.

Everything had been going well for Sarah. Suddenly, a day of terror-September 11, 2001--happened unexpectedly at the World Trade Center, New York. Many peoples were shocked at the tragic event. Sarah was stout, but couldn't help being shocked. She became fearful. Everything ahead of Sarah seemed to be overwhelmed and hopeless.

In the devastating moments, Sarah received an email of encouragements from her best friend. She was reminded that God is in control of all circumstances and we should always trust in Him. In Him, we find peace and hope to go on for He is the Prince of Peace.

At this point, Sarah felt the Word of God deeper and deeper inside of her. She felt true peace in her. Then, Sarah was so truly thankful to Katherine that she uttered to God in silence, "Thank You for giving me a best friend." Now Sarah is living with hope and a bright future. She found long joyous hours of growing closer to God.

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Esther L.
October 17, 2001

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