Where to Find Help For Depression

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If you, a friend or family member are depressed, here are some places to turn:

  • Ask a trusted adult (parent, pastor, youth leader, coach, teacher) to recommend a professional counselor, such as a psychologist or licensed social worker. You might also visit a psychiatrist, who may prescribe medication for your condition if necessary.
  • If you feel like you can't confide in anyone you know, go to the Yellow Pages or try one of the hotlines or Web sites below. In the Yellow Pages, look under "Counselors," "Mental Health Services," or "Psychologists."
  • Here are some resources for help or more information on depression:
    For help:
    Minirth-Meier Clinics/New Life

    Christian Depression Pages

    For more info:
    National Mental Health Association

    National Institute of Mental Health
    (301) 443-4513

    If You're Suicidal

    If you're thinking of ending your life, please tell someone right away. Suicide replaces a temporary problem with a permanent tragedy. Hold on. There is hope.

    For immediate help, call 1-800-SUICIDE. They will help you find help in your area. (For more suicide hotlines, visit suicidehotlines.com .)

    Or simply dial 911 and tell the person you're feeling suicidal and need help NOW.

    Finally, here's a helpful Web site if you're feeling suicidal: metanoia.org/suicide.

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