The Great Choice of Hope

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Sometimes, the loneliness of life becomes very real in consciousness. Although there are many people in this world, each of us is a unique individual. Each individual has relations of its own in which it has to stand alone, and into which no other life can come. Friendships may be close, and they may give much comfort and inspiration, but in all of the inner meaning of life, each individual life is apart and alone.

No one can live your life for you. No one but yourself can answer your questions, meet your responsibilities, and make your decisions and choices. Yet, you can make a great choice of hope for yourself as the Asian explorer did in the following story:

The explorer in Asia with a few friends who accompanied him, was driven out of his course by adverse circumstances, met by a sand storm that caused great discomfort and delay, and finally the little caravan found itself without water. The party struggled on for a time, but one after another the weary friends gave up the march as hopeless and dropped by the way until only one of four or five remained.

Then, he too, became exhausted and could go no further, and the explorer pressed on alone. He believed there was water in the direction where he was going, and though he was weak with fatigue and half crazed by thirst, he forced himself forward until at last the blessed sound of a running stream reached him. He threw himself down beside the water to drink in new life, to bathe his parched face, hands and his swollen feet, and to gather strength presently to go back to the help of his companions.

When asked afterward how it was that he had so much more endurance than his friends, the explorer answered that he believed in the water ahead, and the posibilities of reaching it. The explorer added that he believed the water of life is Jesus Christ, his Savior enabling him to make a whole-hearted choice of Hope the Living Water leading to eternal life. In the Bible, Jesus Christ replied, But whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life (John. 4: 14).

My friends, have you ever made any choice for your life? Face Jesus Christ right now in the depth of being, in your weakness, and in your fear. Make a great choice in Jesus Christ, the Living Water, then you will live a new life with new possibilities and new powers. Do so by acknowledging God before all, by confessing your sins, accepting His salvation, and by trusting only His power to enable you to make a great choice of Hope.

Esther L,
Oct 5th 2000

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