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As many of you, Denee Morgan have born to this world and lived with her loving mother. Moreover, she would be luckier than many of you since her mother was a nursing instructor. Therefore, she has learned many great things about medicine and health as she grew up. She's always thankful to her mom and talks about her as one of the greatest blessings God has given to her.

One of the greatest lessons that she has learned from her mom is to "Hope for The Best" when trying to treat any sickness through God's power. It would be hard to understand this concept when Denee was little, but she kept this lesson in her mind as times went by, and she understood it when she was teenager. She has told all her friends that whenever you are sick, you should put your hope in God and trust that He will show you the way that can heal your sickness with His power. The Bible said that your faith in Him would heal you. 1

Denee's mom has told her many stories from the hospital where she used to work. She said that there was a much higher percentage of patients, who were able to hope that their sicknesses could go away, would be out of the hospital in good health. The main reason was hope could make people do positive things. From that, they would feel that they might not have sickness at all. In an imaging way, their psychological thinking was able to help them to overcome the difficulty of their sicknesses. The question is how can we hope when our sickness was told that there is no way to heal?

Denee's mom explained, "It would not be hope if you don't think about trying to do it better. When you are at the end of the road, don't you try even harder to find the way to get out? Who would able to help you now? Of course, it's certainly not by you. You should find the Greatest Power with all your effort. You put all your strength, physically and mentally, whatever you have left, in Him - The Greatest Power. God always show you the way when you put your faith in Him completely. You hope that He is the most powerful Man who can do anything in this universe. The Bible has told many true stories that God has healed many people; He healed their sicknesses just in seconds even though for many years that no one could ever heal them. With hope, your faith will grow stronger each day in Him, and you will be on your road again as soon as you can't even believe it happens to you."

Denee has learned this lesson when she was young; and to this day, she keeps telling it over and over again to her friends because of its value to her and many others' life. Have you ever tried to pray and ask God to save you? Have your sickness or burden driven you down to the earth? Please give it a try: Put your hope and your faith in God completely. Pray for God's Greatest Power to help and heal you. If you need any help to find His Power, please visit to learn more about God's role in many famous people in our contemporary world.

To know more about God's power for healing sicknesses, please read or listen to the Bible online at May God be with you wherever you go!

1. Mathew 9:20-22 - the story of a woman who had a severe bleeding for 12 years and was healed by Jesus because of her true faith in His power.

God Bless!
Ngo Ngoc Di
July 17, 2002

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