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We are living in an age of many advanced technologies, new inventions and devices for instant communication. With those improvements, we think that we have more hopes for this day and age-that there will be less famines, less diseases, less hates, less envies, and less warfares.

However, in recent decades, even though science has made good progress, the hope to reduce sufferings, hunger, diseases, hates and warfares does not become a reality because those problems are still prevalent everywhere as ever under various forms and fashions.

Warfares today are no longer on foot but in the air, no longer by swords and spears, arrows and handguns, but by intercontinental rockets and satelites. Man no longer tries to conquer territories, peoples and lands, but to conquer markets and consumer products. Sometimes this battle is even more fiercely fought than ever before.

In summary, technological progress is not the way to bring the hope for peace and contentment to man's soul.

What, then, is the real hope for you and me? It must not be a life filled just with material things, abundance of food and clothes, with luxurious cars, beautiful houses, plenty of money in the bank, and stocks of a growing company. But it must be a hope that brings us an abundance not only in the physical but also in the spiritual realms-of peace and hope for the heart and of assurance for eternal life in heaven when we leave this world.

It is not an invention, nor a result of man's research, but it is a gift from God.

It is a way of hope, prepared and provided by God for you and I through the wonderful plan of salvation accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ.

With the hope that you will experience peace and contentment in a new and vibrant life to overcome all hardships and challenges, a life of abundance, and a real hope for this life and the life to come, "HOPE WAY" website is spread out in front of you, as a simple and narrow, yet beneficial and essential, way of life. The Lord Jesus told us to "Enter into the narrow gate; for it is the narrow gate and the narrow way that lead to life" (Matthew 7:14).

We welcome you to enter and enjoy the pages of this "HOPE WAY" web site.

written by Trang Huu Nguyen
translated by Hugh Nguyen

Copyright 2000-2002 Hope Way. All rights reserved.