Never Give Up Hope

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Jennifer lifted up her eyes to the shelves filled with hundreds of books. The quick tears rushed to her eyes. But I told Jennifer that it was for the strong Hope that she never gives up.

Standing in a silent long book-lined room, Jennifer thought to herself. The days have passing by quickly. Many unguessable events happened during the year. However, Jennifer couldn't forget the loveliest day of her life. That was the day when Jennifer was admitted to the Asian Mission School. All hope has been stirring in Jennifer's heart since then.

Jennifer has been attending the Asian Mission School for a year now. Jennifer often went to the reading-room in school for her research. She enjoyed reading very much. Besides, Jennifer was both studious and talented. Jennifer hoped that she would be the top student in her class. She hoped so.

Hope is a positive confidence in the attainability and ultimate realization of the things hoped for. Have you hoped for anything? Surely, you hope something good, that which is desired for the future. Thus, hope embraces all the affairs of one's own personal life. Jennifer used to be self-confident. She hoped that she would pass all the exams successfully. However, Jennifer couldn't succeed in social subjects completely from time to time. She couldn't handle them by herself. Jennifer became sad and felt inadequate.

In Jennifer's inadequacy, she was helped by her highly respected brother in the same Christian social group. He helped Jennifer to identify the ultimate goals in her life. He helped her to realize that there is only ultimate hope.

Hope is the desire that one shall learn how to live triumphantly. Hope is also the conviction that divine grace will be available for all of the vicissitudes of life. At this point, Jennifer no longer felt sad or dejected. Jennifer realized that the supreme and ultimate Christian hope is that all men who have accepted Jesus Christ shall inherit eternal life. Then, Jennifer shared this with her dearest brother because she found Hope that she never gives up.

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Esther L., August 13 2001

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