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New Peace at Christmas

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Christmas is probably the longest holiday season for most of us in the world. While some people may understand the true meaning of Christmas, the others may have to join in and consider it as a festive season. One way or another, most of us would feel some kind of peace and joy at Christmas. In fact, Sam Ng was one of those who found his new peace at Christmas a few years back.

Sam had his first car accident on the foggy night of December 23, 1999 - one day before Christmas Eve. Though he was fine, his car was damaged badly. He hoped that he could get his car fixed soon, and was anxiously waiting for the car insurance company to call. He was pre-occupied and in distress until midnight of Christmas Eve. That night he came to church alone.

Sam sat sadly on a pew in church, thinking, "Christmas is supposed to bring happiness, joy, and peace. Why am I sad and not peaceful this evening? I have been looking forward to this evening during the year. Tonight is all about Christ's birth, not about my problems. Therefore, I should celebrate Christmas with joy because God sent Jesus, His only Son, to the world to save everyone including me. "

While the congregation was praying and the candles were being lit, Sam closed his eyes and prayed. He asked God to give him a new sense of peace and the joy of Christmas. Suddenly, he felt a cold breeze although there was no window in the church sanctuary. This cold breeze made Sam felt a great sense of peace and relief. Right in that moment, Sam knew that God answered his prayer. From that night on, his life was filled with the new peace of Christmas. He has lived with joy and he also met a new friend who encouraged him through this unpleasant car accident.

Dear friends, have you ever found this true peace that only Jesus, the Prince of Peace, can give you? Would you like to experience this new peace as Sam did? You can ask Jesus for it any time. Please, don't give up hope, but give yourself a chance to explore more... To know more about Jesus and Christmas, please click here. May God be with you on your way to find new peace at Christmas!

(1) The above story and quotes are based on the true story of a Christian from Seattle. His name has been changed.

God bless!
Ngo Ngoc Di
December 6, 2002

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