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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without sunshine? What would it be like to live without water? One morning, you wake up and everything would never be the same. Another morning, you wake up and it's raining hard all day long; the sky is dark and the thunderstorm shouts continuously. Then you probably feel your world is going downhill as the water is running down to the ground and deep into the tans of soil. It seems that nothing is certain in this world. The next thing you know, your life just turns to a different direction, and you hope it has been changed for the best.

As a human being, your body changes every day even though you don't realize it. You grow taller, talk more, and think more carefully. The physical changes happen to fit with your life style to give you more potential. However, your spiritual change, or internal change, is the most important improvement in your life, and that is what will lead you getting closer to the perfection that the Creator has planned for you to be. Sometimes, you can't see why you have to change. Later on, you'd be wondering... and like to find out these reasons.

Therefore, you would ask some questions such as "Should my life be always the same?" or "Should I change my life?" If it must be changed, then "What do I hope to improve?" Many of us have to ask those questions over and over whenever some interesting things will surface. Every day life changes just as the weather, the nature creatures, and the human beings. Whether you like it or not, things change. And so, you have to adjust. Sometimes there are things you want to improve by yourself because you realize that you will be better off with those changes. Other times, you are influenced by the advices of your family and closed friends because they have more life experience and know you intimately. Therefore, you have to change as much as you could to become more like His image.

Change is good, but what you change to may not be good. Then, a question is raised "What best image should you change to?" As you have known, no one is perfect in this whole wide world! Therefore, you can't look at other people and consider they are the perfect images for you to model. We all have flaws. If you change to someone's image, you would never be better since they are not better than you. There is only one perfect image, and that is God's image. He created this world like His image, and He wants us to be like more Him each day (not exactly 100% like Him, but be as much closer as possible). Have you ever found God's image and tried to be like Him? If you have not, please visit Gospel Literature to get to know Him, and you can decide to be like Him.

After you have found God's image, you may ask, "Can I be changed to His image?" The answer is "Yes, you can", but not by yourself. You need His help. Not everything can be change easily, and certainly, God's image is not easy to change to. For example, one of the most important God's standards is love. God commands us to love each other; moreover, He commands us to love our enemies. Obviously, this is not easy to do. Therefore, you must pray God to help you to change. He always helps those who have faith and hope in Him.

Now, it is up to you. God always give you the chances to change your life. Therefore, the question is, "Do you want to change?" Can you imagine what your life would be like if you are the same person in the last 10 years? You walk on the streets with the same look and the same attitude. People look at you and express to you the same way. Sometimes, you'd like people to be nice and smile more often with you, don't you? Life would be less value if things were the same. The better is the future in which you hope that you'll have a better "image", wiser thinking, and healthier heart; and you hope to resemble like Him. You hope and believe that God can change you, and one day you will be proud to say, "Dear God, I look like You." In that moment, you can say, "My life will never be the same... as the way I used to be before I have found Him."

Would you like to know how God has changed many people's lives? Please visit Life Story. We hope you will find Him, and His light will shine your way through the night always!

Good Bless!
Ngo Ngoc Di
August 12, 2002

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